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What $1 Million Will Get You in Los Angeles

Answer: You won’t be living close to the Kardashians.


The city of Los Angeles is a very, very big place.

It is the most populous city in the Western United States—and the second most populous city in the whole country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2017, the city of Los Angeles’ population was 3,999,759.

And let’s not even get into Los Angeles County. (Actually, we just might. This is a very widespread area.)

The bottom line is that Los Angeles is a heavily-populated, traffic-ridden city with some very high real estate. Fortunately, it’s also got great weather and easy access to all types of landscapes.

The real estate website Redfin marks the Los Angeles housing market as being a “Very Competitive” one. Homes typically receive four offers, and so-called “Hot Homes” can sell for about three percent above the list price, according to Redfin. As of this writing, the website states that the average home price in Los Angeles is $710,000.

According to a recent Redfin posting, a two-bedroom and two-and-a-half-bathroom townhouse in Marina del Rey, an unincorporated seaside community in Los Angeles County, recently sold for approximately $1.1 million. 

Another Redfin listing, this one for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Los Angeles, shows that the home sold for approximately $950,000. That’s quite a bit, considering that while the house has some stuff going for it on the inside, the curb appeal is just not there at this time.

Such is the heavy desire many people have to live in the City of Angels.

A Trulia posting lists a Los Angeles three-bedroom, two-bathroom single-family home at 2,028 square feet for $999,000.

A Realtor listing shows a two-bedroom, three-bathroom condominium in Los Angeles’ Playa Vista neighborhood going for $899,000. If living close to schools is a must, this condo is all set. It’s located near three schools, not to mention just a one-mile walk to Loyola Marymount University. A child could feasibly grow up in this neighborhood and never need to leave it in order to get an education.

If you’re willing to go a tad over budget, Zillow lists quite the gem of a duplex in Los Angeles’ Harvard Heights neighborhood for $1.2 million. This seven-bedroom, four-bathroom space (yep, lots of people can live quite comfortably here) features gorgeously refurbished bathrooms, plus a brand new kitchen. That kitchen seems a tad small for so many expected occupants, but maybe this is an excellent option for a couple or small family who tends to have a lot of visitors.

But if you’re not willing to go over budget—which is a respectable way to feel—you can consider nabbing this unit in Los Angeles’ Hollywood neighborhood for $950,000. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, it’s located just a couple of miles from major local attractions, including the Chinese Theatre.

Bottom line: $1 million can, at the very least, get you a home in Los Angeles with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Whether those homes are in good neighborhoods and have curb appeal is another matter. But homeowners in Los Angeles will surely be consoled with the bright sunshine and beaches, plus inviting, nature-related road trips if they ever need to get away from it all.